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Water and Light 4 Life

Water and Light 4 Life –  A Community Project.Water-&-Light-Logo_2

The world has an abundance of resources, but unfortunately approximately a staggering quarter of the world’s population doesn’t have access to electricity or clean drinking water.

Did you know that about 5000 children die every day because they lack clean drinking water and  125 million children in the world lack even the most basic education!

These facts are too great to ignore, and while many organisations are helping to address this situation, still more need to be done.

Evosol is currently in the planning stages of getting the legalities set up to form a non-for profit organisation called “Water and Light 4 Life .org”

Once this is done we will then be able to start to allocate a percentage of profits from sales to put toward Water and Light 4 LifeWater and Light 4 Life village

With Water and Light 4 Life, our aim is to set up Solar Power in improvised villages so that there is access to light and electricity to pump water from nearby wells and rivers.


We also realise education plays an important factor, so we also plan to set up facilities for schooling in these villages.

With education comes, hygiene and health, ability to economically advance ones situation and an understanding of maintaining a sustainable environment.

With light the children can study; in most cases, during the day the children are helping to look after cattle or working in the fields to help provide food for the family and the only free time they have is at night when it is dark.

The VisionBarefoot college Village

To make this a successful project, Evosol will set up a village as a model with solar power and education facilities, and then use this model to generate additional help from local governments, businessmen and other Philanthropic organisations to replicate this model in other villages and in many countries.

This vision cannot be too small because the numbers of people needing help is beyond comprehension.

This is no simple vision and will require a lot of hard work.

A small team of qualified and dedicated people will be needed to run this project, as well as villager participation, influential contacts and money to make this vision successful.

Evosol will cover all of the expenses for this project including setting up and providing accommodation, food and basic expenses and travel within Cambodia for the team.
Cambodia has been chosen for this project as government contacts have already been established.

Rather than supply and install solar panels to the village, as this has been tried before and has encountered ongoing problems with maintenance of the system.
Instead, a small group of older women will be taught how to manufacture solar components and install the solar systems; in this way, there will be a vested interest to maintain the solar systems and this group of  woman will also be able to pass on their solar knowledge to other villagers.

A small workshop will need to be erected for this purpose as well as another building, which will be used as a schoolhouse.

Training a small group of womanGrandmothers in workshop

It has been discovered that older ladies are the best to train in regards to committing their energies to the village.

Men are too ambitious, and after they have been trained want to go out to the cities to find work.

Young woman are too busy and must look after their family, so the best people to train are the older ladies – Grandmothers.

To train the Grandmothers, it will be necessary to get permission from the village elders and their family as well as the local government and any other departments that we need to interact with.

In India, there is a very different type of school called `The Barefoot College’ founded by Sanjit`Bunker’ Roy (

This college is incredibly unusual and teaches many of life’s skills, including how to put together Solar components.

It is this school that we will model the training of the Grandmothers after in teaching them about solar technology and how to put together the respective components to build the Solar Systems.

The TeamVolunteers needed for Water and Light 4 Life

The required team members will be approached on a volunteer basis and expected to have qualifications in the following areas;

Solar Power and Renewable Energy

Sustainable energy with a major in water and pumping systems

Environmental rehabilitation

A Travel Guide

A Cameraman and Journalist

A Teacher with an understanding of Steiner and Montessori principals

A Nurse with a major in Nutrition

Two General assistants with skills and interests in most areas of the project

Solar Cells

Each village will become what Evosol would like to call a `Solar Cell’, that can act as a model for other villages to copy.
Each Solar cell will be equipped with a manufacturing workshop to make and repair the Solar panels, inverters and LED lighting.

Evosol will supply the materials that the Solar cells will use to make the solar products.

To help bring this project to the attention of as many people as possible, a film documentary will be made that can be shown through different media to show the need for water and light as everyone’s basic right and the way in which this can be achieved using Solar Energy, as well as incorporating travel and information on other cultures.

General Schooling and HygieneCambodia School

Education is extremely important. Only through education can we help people to understand that certain practices need to be integrated into their daily lifestyle to help combat environmental degradation, and alleviate hygiene issues.
Education can also increase an individual’s concept of profitable economics to help raise their standard of living and provide a better lifestyle.

The main thrust of this education will be towards children as they are the village’s future; and are easily receptive to learning.
In a lot of the cases there are simply not enough teachers to adequately teach the children, so we plan to select local people who can be trained as teachers, who in turn can teach the children in the village.

The teachers are not required to teach at a University level, just a basic level up to year 10 so that they can get a grasp on a range of subjects, that they can then teach the children.

Once the children have reached a certain level of education, they will then be in a position to study at a higher learning facility when the situation presents itself.

The study curriculum will cover the basic understandings of;

English reading and writing,Books needed for Water and Light 4 Life
Computer skills such as Microsoft Office, email and web browsing.
General mathematics,
Nutrition and food hygiene.
Environmental management and rehabilitation

Time frame

The time frame to initiate this project and put together a  team of people who have the right qualifications to set up this project is planned for mid 2017,

Hopefully sometime in the last quarter of the year the team will be prepared to move overseas to live for a period of up to 6 months to set up the first Solar Cell Village.

A preparatory visit to the selected village to introduce Evosol and the Water and Light for Life project will need to be undertaken prior to putting the team together.

Ashden Humanitarian AwardAshden Awards

The Ashden Awards are an initiative by the United nations and a large group of Philanthropists such as the Rockefeller foundation the Carnegie Foundation and other interested organisations in support of an objective to achieve universal access to modern energy services by 20230.
After the completion of the project, an application will be made to enter the Ashden Awards to open the way to attracting sponsorship and gaining enormous exposure within the Renewable Resources sector worldwide to support setting up Solar Cells in many places in the world.

As can be expected, a substantial amount of money will need to be allocated towards this project to cover an enormous amount of expense, both in the beginning setting up stage right through to completion.

We are our brothers and sisters keeper. It is up to everyone to look after to each other, and to share what we have with those less fortunate, in a way that doesn’t cost us and the earth.

contact usIf you would like to know more about this worthwhile project or how you can become involved, drop around to our office at unit 2 / 31 Christable Way, Landsdale or call us on 0401405442.

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