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Solar Hot Water

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

In general, about 30% of the average electricity bill is spent on heating water.Solar Hot Water can save a lot of money

Based on this percentage, for an average household; an Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System will pay for itself in about three to four years.

Evosol Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems have 316 stainless steel tanks and carry the Australian Standard Water Mark Certificate and the Australian Standard Ocean Mark AS/NZ 2712 Certificate.

Working Principal

The main working principal of Solar Hot Water systems lies in the Evacuated Tube, which converts the suns energy into heat, which heats the water.

Evacuated Tubes are a lot more effective and efficient than the conventional Flat Plate system.Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tube

The evacuated tube is made from two toughened Borosilicate glass tubes; an inner and an outer tube, which are designed to withstand up to 25mm hail stones at 90 kph.

These two tubes are sealed together with a vacuum between the two tubes that acts as an insulator similar to a thermos flask.
The inner tube is coated with 3 types of special metal coatings that attract the suns heat and stop the heat escaping.

Inside the inner glass tube is a sealed liquid filled copper tube, which protrudes about an inch and a half from the end of the glass tubes.
When the suns heat is caught inside the vacuum tubes it heats up the copper tube, the liquid inside boils and the copper tube protruding from the evacuated tube get extremely hot, equivalent to about a 60 watt element.

The cylindrical shape of the tubes means they are able to attract the sans rays from many angles so it is not imperative they must be situated on a north facing roof.

The manifold has a large bore copper tube passing through it into which the copper heat tubes protruding from the evacuated tubes fit into.
This flow through pipe gets extremely hot and heats the passing water.Solar Hot Water Manifold

The manifold complete with the evacuated tubes is called a Solar Collector.

The size of the Hot Water storage tank will determine the amount of evacuated tubes in the solar collector.
A general rule of thumb is for every 10 litres of stored water, 10 evacuated tubes are needed.
The Hot Water Storage Tank is made from Stainless Steel to ensure a long life.

Compact Style Solar Hot Water SystemSolar Hot Water Compact System

The Compact system is very simple and basic.
The manifold is incorporated into the tank making the solar collector and the tank all one complete unit.
The Compact system uses a Thermosiphon method to circulate the water around the system and does not require a circulation pump or a computerised differential controller.

The Split Style Solar Hot Water SystemSolar Hot Water Split System

The split style system has the solar collector mounted on the roof and the tank mounted conveniently on the ground.
The Split System requires a water Circulation Pump, which is controlled by a computerised Differential Controller, which is in turn controlled by temperature sensors located in the solar collector and in the top and bottom of the storage tank.Solar Hot Water Storage Tank

The advantage of the split system apart from the aesthetics of a slim line collector on the roof is that the heat booster element can be programmed to come on at different times of the day if required depending on weather conditions.
During the cold winter months on extremely overcast wet and cold days and depending on the hot water demand, the water temperature may drop below a desired temperature.
To ensure a continuous delivery of hot water, the system has a built in electric heater element.
In most cases during the winter, the booster element will not be needed as the system works extremely well even on cloudy days.
This is the main advantage the evacuated tube has over the conventional flat plate system.

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