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Solar Battery Storage

Store your FREE power from the day to use at night.

Solar Battery Storage using the Tesla PowerwallSolar Battery Storage is now on the edge of being affordable with a payback period that justifies the investment.
Battery Storage can give you peace of mind and security, that as electricity and gas prices continue to rise, your power has been capped at the cost of your initial investment.

The Tesla Power-wall is due to arrive in Australia early 2016 and uses the new Li ion battery technology (LifePo4)
This system will be ideal for a average household as the Power-wall comes with a 7kw and 10kwh battery storage system.
The Power-walls can also be coupled together for dwellings that have a higher electricity usage.

Using battery storage will mean taking a conscious approach to electricity usage, as 10kwh can easily be consumed before tSolar Battery Storage using the Growatt Systemhe night is out if electricity usage is not monitored efficiently.
A change to LED lighting would help to reduce power usage;   heavy electricity usage such as doing the washing could be done during the day when there is ample sun being generated from the solar power system.

For rural areas the Tesla Power-walls big brother called the Power-pack would be a good choice.
Lead acid batteries are a good option to use the in rural areas where battery storage space is not an issue.
The latest technology in Lead Acid batteries is the tubular Gel deep cycle AGM Lead Acid batteries which for the same price of a Lithium Battery storage will almost triple the battery storage size.

BYD solar Battery storageBYD have a stand alone battery system with its own built in inverter which comes with a range of battery storage sizes.

The battery storage systems above, with the exception of the BYD systems are designed to couple up to you existing inverter.

If you are thinking about battery storage and dont yet have a solar power system, then there is the choice to select a Hybrid Inverter when you set up your system.
The Hybrid Inverter has the battery charger integrated into it and all you will need to do is connect up some batteries when you are ready.

Battery storage requires a lot of thought about which is the right system to use and how much storage you need.

contact usWhen you are ready, give us a call here at Evosol 0401405442 or drop into the office at unit 2 / 31 Christable Way, Landsdale, and we can help you work out the right system you need at the most competitive price in the market.

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