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Product Packages

Evosol Product Packages

Our ethos at Evosol is to provide our customers with a high quality affordable and reliable solar system, that will give them the best value for money.

To do this we have researched the market to find out which products our customers prefer and have put together a range of products to suit all budgets.

Our prices are not set in stone and are open to change as each system needs to be individually assessed and tailor made to suit each situation.

All prices include GST and Installation
Installation refers to a standard single story house, single phase with all panels on one roof face

The three main solar packages we offer are;

Standard System – A High Quality Chinese system, backed by a strong warranty.

3kW System
Goodwe Inverter  –  GW3000D-NS

Standard System12 x  Infinite Energy 250W panels

4kW System
Goodwe Inverter  –  GW4200D-NS

16 x Infinite Energy 250W panels

5kW System
Goodwe Inverter – GW5000D-NS
20 x Infinite Energy 250W solar panels

Evosol Choice – A European Inverter and Tier one Chinese Solar Panels

P{roduct packages Fronius-package

3.24 kW System
Fronius Inverter – Primo 3,0-1
12 x Jinko 270W Solar Panels

4.32 kW System
Fronius Inverter – Primo 4,0-1
16 x Jinko 270W Solar Panels

5.4 kW System
Fronius Inverter – Primo 5,0-1
20x Jinko 270W Solar Panels

The Premium all European System

P{roduct packages Fronius-package

3.12 kW System
Fronius Primo 3.0-1 Inverter
12 x Premium Tier One Q Cell Solar Panels

4.16 kW System
Fronius Primo 4.0-1 Inverter
16 x Premium Tier One Q Cell Solar Panels

5.2 kW System  – Only $6990
Fronius Primo 5.0-1 Inverter
20 x Premium Tier One Q Cell Solar Panels

The most important consideration in choosing a Solar System is not how much it costs, although this is important
More importantly,
1. Does the system use High Quality products?
2  Is the Installation done professionally to a High Standard?
3. Is there Customer Back up Service that really backs up the service?
4. Is the system Value for Money?


Remember, setting up a Solar System is a long term investment and it needs to stand the test of time.
The return on your investment should be 25% or more
It should pay itself back in around 3 – 4 years

Evosol doesnt have the cheapest prices because Quality products, Professional Installation and a strong back up service are important, and these come at some cost,
BUT … we are not the most expensive by a long way.
Our prices are FAIR and most importantly are VALUE FOR MONEY.

German made systems have been around in the Solar Industry for a long time and are tried and tested; investing in aEuropean inverter is worth the added expense.
Like everything, you get what you pay for, although these days some of the Chinese solar products are a very high quality, especially; in regard to Solar Modules.
In our opinion, choose a high quality Chinese Tier One panel and use a German Inverter, that way you will end up with a very good system at a reasonable price designed to give many trouble free years of use.

Note on Inverters supplied with the packages:

Unless otherwise mentioned, all inverters in the packages below have one MPPT.
If the panels are to be installed on more than one roof face, then an inverter with Dual MPPTs will needed.
The cost of an inverter with Dual MPPT’s may cost as little as $100 extra or as much as $440 extra depending on the inverter used


contact usCall us on 93065061 or drop into the office at unit 2 / 31 Christable Way Landsdale to discuss any questions you have about Solar Power.







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