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LED Lighting Perth

Which LED Light will replace which Incandescent or CFL light ?

LEDs are measured in lumens. Lumens cannot be directly converted to Watts without a slightly complicated formula.

Rule of Thumb
You can divide the incandescent wattage light bulb by 5 to get the wattage for the LED bulb you require; therefore a 75 watt bulb could be replaced by a 15W LED bulb, providing the LED chip puts out 14 L/M W.

Remember, different chips put out from as little as 6 L/MW per chip to 100LMW so a 15W LED bulb might not necessarily provide the same amount of light as another LED 15W bulb.

Buyer Beware
This is the problem a lot of buyers have; they unknowingly buy a cheaper LED bulb without knowing it has a low L/MW output chip or is poorly manufactured, and then dont get the light brightness they expected, and/or the cheaper bulb has a poorer quality semiconductor that puts out a greenish hue.

What are LED lights_ How do they work
LED (Light Emitting Diodes) have been around for a long time, but in recent years the technology has jumped and the prices have fallen, making LEDs now the most cost and energy effective choice for Lighting.

LED Lighting in PerthThere are some important points to consider when choosing a LED light to replace an incandescent or fluorescent light.

1. Energy efficiency.
2. Operating life and lumen depreciation.
3. Light output/distribution.
4. Color quality.
5. Color shift.
6. Dimmability and
7. Expected lifetime.

These factors are distinguished by the type of LED in the light and the driver that runs the LED Chip.
The driver converts the power source to a stable current so the LED can run efficiently without getting too hot.

Lumen output
Lumens are the equivalent of watts to an incandescent light.
Not all LED lights of the same equivalent replacement wattage give out the same brightness, due to different amounts of lumens per watt rating.

An American Cree chip is about 90 – 100 Lumens and a Taiwanese Epistar LED is about 80 lumens; whereas a Chinese Epistar copy can be as low as 6 lumens per watt.
Even if the lumens are stated as the being the same in two different lights.
Poor manufacturing quality may produce a light with  an uneven light coverage, giving a spotlight effect; or the colour is not right; or it just may not last very long.

Colour output
Another point to consider is the actual colour the LED emits which is due to the semiconductor material on the LEDs.

A cheaper manufactured product will put out a more greenish hue for a warm white as it uses a lower quality coating on the LED chip.

LED Driver
Another very important consideration of the LED is the quality of the Driver. A driver is required to keep the voltage input stable so the LED doesnt heat up too much and degrade.


Benefits of LEDs in comparison to Incandescent, Fluorescent or HID lighting

1. They put out more light per watt – depending on the chip – between 6 to 10 times more lumens.
2. The colour can be changed with out filters.
3. They are good for cycling and can be turned on and off quickly.
4. Easily dimmed.
5. Put out a cool Light – almost 30 times cooler than incandescent lights, and 10 times cooler than CFLs.
6. Last longer – a typical LED will last 35-50,000 hours, although this is misleading in that the LED will only work as long as the driver is working.
7. An incandescent light will last 1-2,000 hrs and a CFL 10 – 15,000 hrs.
8. LEDs are shock resistant and small.
9. They have a direct light focus and are well suited to spotlights with light output angles ranging from 30 degrees to 220 degrees.
10.Totally environmentally friendly.


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